Welcome to Starcity Tutorials. The place where we share with you  Tips and Tricks to developing your music production skills. Tutorials are added and updated, so be sure to subscribe to the Youtube Channel in order to stay up to date.

Learn the basics of how to mix drums. No matter the style of music, you can apply these principals to your mixing skill set!! 

Learn Learn how to produce music around vocals or a song already written. working closely with singer/songwriters to create professional sounding records. Taking you through the entire process of where and how to begin production.

Learn the complete basics of mixing down Rap Vocals. This tutorial takes you in depth into the vocal mixing process. Showing you all the aspects of creating vocals that blend into your mixes effortlessly. Providing You with a step-by-step solution to vocal mixing.

Learn how to use Side chain compression using Logic Pro X. This tutorial gets straight to the point in explaining how to apply the effect, demonstrating its use and real life application to music production.

Learn how to Convert Audio to Midi using Logic Pro X. This tutorial takes you through the simple process of making your audio samples available to use on your midi keyboard.

Learn how to apple Reverbs and Effects to Your Bus channels using Logic. A Very simple way of utilising your plug-ins and CPU.

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