Here at Starcity Management, We provide a full programme for the development and nurture of talent. Providing everything You need to become a successful Recording Artist or Producer.

Our services focus on the individual. Our consultations enable us to build a picture of where You want to be, and we set out a monthly plan of things to do in order to achieve that. With over 25 collective years experience in the music industry, we will equip You with all 'inside' info, Contacts, Publishers, Radio pluggers, PR and even help develop your online social media presence. We cover everything from the performance and vocal/musical development of the Artist to targeting the ideal audience and marketing Your brand.

We are hands on with the people that we work with, allowing them to explore their craft and learn more about their talent. All our sessions are hosted in the studio facility, which is used for writing, recording, vocal coaching, instrument tuition, video shoots/photography, mixing, mastering and meetings.

  • Singing and Performance Coaching

    Your voice is your tool, and it’s important not to just teach people how to sing, but to teach them how to deliver, through conviction, diction, and stage presence. 

  • Song Writing

    This is a skill which takes years to develop but we are here to help. We have written hit songs for many of the UK’s biggest artists and will help you develop your song writing skills and take it to the next level.

  • Production (Beat Making)

    This essential in today’s market. To stand out you need professional production wrapped around you. Labels today are looking to pick up the finished product and thats what we deliver

  • Image and Style Direction

    With years of experience in the industry we know that your look is vital. We will support and push you towards a unique look that will help get you noticed.

  • Music Industry Advice

    With so many years of experience in the music industry we know the INS and OUTS of the industry and what’s hot and what is most definitely not!

  • Internet Exposure (Social Media)

    Having your social media up-to-date in this day an age acts very much acts like a directory, and this is not enough. We know how to utilise and expand your online exposure so you can build your fan base.

  • Website Design and Development

    Your own personal website is where you show off away from the limitations of social media, so make it count! A&R scouts will only take one look at your website, and if it’s not up to scratch they wont be looking again. We know award winning website designers and builders and will point you in the right direction.

  • Itunes Set Up

    Its so important that you have your music ready to sell on itunes and other online music distributors. We will set up your distribution and handle all the administration involved. Online distributors include Amazon, Spotify, HMV, Itunes, Shazam, Google Play and More.

  • Live Shows and Performance Oppurtinuties

    We work closely with many live performance venues, and can get you that performance you have always dreamed of. We work with a strong network of live musicians also, and can provide you with the right instruments to play your music live.

Additional Services

The Extras and the Options You can get with Us...

  • Vocal Coaching

    With our vocal coaching we will focus on diction, conviction and breathing etc.

    We work with one of the best vocal coaches in the industry who operates at vocal studios all over London.

    Our vocal coach has researched and developed ways to effectively change and create an amazing singing and speaking ability to all of our clients.

    Our coach’s profound methods have enlightened many celebrities, business leaders, and spokesman through to everyday people.

  • Video Production

    We can produce affordable music video promos to raise your profile both online and TV purposes.

    Unsigned bands that are completely self-funded now have the ability to produce affordable music videos that are industry standard for commercial channels such as MTV playlist, The Box, Kiss, etc.

    Our video production Budgets can range from £750 – £10,000

  • Design Services

    We can design and build professional websites, album artwork, EPKs and more to maximise the online marketing & business potential for recording artists.

    Other than your music, your website is the most important tool to promote yourself as a singer. The Internet has made it possible for singers all over the World to have equal opportunity to self-promote without relying completely (or at all) on corporations.

Contact Us...

If You would like to discuss the packages or your own requirements with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


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