How To Record Vocals Like a Pro



In this course you will learn the secret vocal production techniques of the pro's.

Whether you are producing in a bedroom or a state-of-the-art recording studio, here we will focus on the things that make the biggest impact on your vocals.

Taking you through each step of the vocal recording process in charismatic fashion, Jay Picasso (Izzy Bizu, Bridgette Kelly, Joyce Simms, Nicholas Mcdnoald, Wayne Woodward, Sony, Universal, Warner & BBC) explores the most effective methods and innovative techniques employed by some of the Worlds Top Producers and Engineers in studios across the Globe.

Recording , Comping , Editing & Mixing are the four main pillars of Vocal Production. Each section is explored in great detail, explained in simple terms.

This course will also offer you the opportunity to apply your own techniques to the curriculum, Empowering You to utilise your own skill set and methods to generate results. Answering all the questions any aspiring music producer needs to know about the vocal recording process, this course is very practical.




Setting Up Your Microphone , Developing Microphone Techniques, Capturing Vocal Takes, Vocal Layering.


The Classic Comping Method, Cleaning Vocals, Time Stretching & Flexing Vocals, Breath Control.


Auto Tune Vs Pitch Corrector, Flex Pitch( Logic X only) Melodyne.


EQ, Compression, Layering & Spacing (Pan), FX (Reverb, Delay etc)


Learning to record great sounding vocals is just the start, as you continue through the Modules you will learn the deeper aspects of production techniques, and learn the fundamental principals behind the Art of Vocal Production. By the time you have completed this course your Vocal recordings will be Radio/Broadcast Ready!

The course should take between 1-2 weeks to complete depending on level of experience. Once enrolled all materials are yours to keep for a lifetime, In addition any questions regarding your own production will be answered via email. There are also lots of supporting Tutorials that you will be given access to upon request.

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